Nisha Masharani

Hi, I'm Nisha. I'm an Associate Product Manager at Google working on Health Search. Previously at Google, I worked on Pixel Apps and the Google Store. In June 2015, I graduated from Stanford with a BS in CS, with a focus in Theory.

In summer 2014, I was an Associate Product Manager Intern at Google working on adding new features to the Similar Audiences product in the Google Display Network. Before that, in 2013, I was a Software Engineering intern at Google working on the Personal Search team. In 2012, I spent the summer doing HCI research with Professor Scott Klemmer.

At Stanford, I completed coursework in many topics, including algorithms (CS161, CS167, CS261, CS265), systems (CS107, CS110, CS143, CS210), theory (CS103, CS109), artificial intelligence (CS221), and HCI (CS147, CS210). Outside of CS, I also took courses in philosophy, anthropology, music, journalism, and more. I was also involved with a number of different student organizations at Stanford. I was the Executive Producer (CEO) of Ram's Head Theatrical Society, and I have also worked on several shows as Technical Director and Lighting Designer. I also was a section leader and counselor for the Bridge Peer Counseling Center for over a year.